Green Deal cavity wall insulation

Properties built after 1920 are likely to have two walls with a gap (cavity) between them. By having cavity wall insulation fitted you can help to keep warmth in your home, which in turn will save both energy and money. Wall insulation will also reduce the amount of condensation build-up in your home.

With the Green Deal cavity wall insulation scheme, you can receive a loan to help fund the installation of this fantastic insulation. The Green Deal scheme is run by the Government to support the uptake of energy efficiency measures in the home. By taking a loan, you won’t pay back more than you save each month on bills.

How much could you save with the Green Deal cavity wall insulation?

With cavity wall insulation in place there are some huge savings to be made and payback can be as little as four years. The below statistics have been sourced from the Energy Saving Trust:


The results are based on a three bedroom semi-detached home which is gas heated.

You’ve seen the savings achievable with the Green Deal cavity wall insulation scheme. So is it suitable for your home?

Wall cavity insulation will be suitable for your property if:

  • Your home’s exterior wall haven’t already been filled with cavity insulation
  • The cavity spacing is at least 50mm wide
  • The masonry or brickwork of your home is in sound condition
  • The property is over 10-years-old (newer homes will have insulation)
  • Your walls will not be exposed to driving rain.

So how can you work out if your cavity walls have already been filled?

If you live in a new build (built within the last 10-15 years), the chances are it will already have suitable wall cavity insulation. However, for a definitive answer there are a few routes to go down:

  • Have an inspection completed by a registered installer. A small hole will be drilled into the external wall and the expert will be able to tell you if they’re hollow or filled
  • Contact your local authority’s building control department. There may be records showing if your property has cavity filling.

Are your external walls easy to access?
Cavity wall insulation will be blown in from your home’s exterior and every part of your walls must be filled if you’re to get the most from energy efficiency. As such it’s important that the installer you choose can access all parts of your external wall.

If you live in a terraced or semi-detached house, the installer will need to insert a cavity barrier to prevent your neighbours from being affected.

If you have any dampness in the walls, they should not be insulated until the damp problem has been sorted out. You should seek a builder who specialises in damp prevention.

How is the insulation fitted?

The Green Deal cavity wall insulation specialist will drill small holes into the outside of your home and with designed equipment can then blow insulation into the gaps. When the installation is complete, the holes (around 22mm in size) will be filled, so you won’t notice anything different.

Remember, this is not a process you can complete yourself and tackling the job can result in you causing a lot of damage to the brickwork of your home. A professional can complete the task in two hours, with no mess.

Cavity wall insulation can be made out of three types of materials:

  • Mineral wool
  • Beads or granules
  • Foamed insulants.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • As many as 26,000,000 homes in the UK could be eligible to receive Green Deal funding.
  • Green Deal loans are paid back over a 10-25 year period with the payments taken from energy bill savings.
  • Using the Government’s Green Deal you can upgrade your boiler, improve insulation and replace windows for no upfront fee.
  • The Green Deal’s Golden Rule states that homeowners won’t pay back more than the savings they make on energy bills with improved efficiency.

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