Green Deal boiler replacement

Are you fed up of energy companies continually increasing their gas and electricity prices? Have you seen your bills skyrocket over the last few years and want to find a way to cut your expenses?

If the answer is yes to both of the above, then you should certainly be considering the Green Deal boiler replacement scheme. Replacing your boiler is one of the best ways to reduce energy bills, especially if you have an old, inefficient system in place.

So what is the Green Deal boiler replacement scheme and how can I take advantage of it?

The Green Deal is a Government funded scheme to support the upgrading of energy efficiency products in the home. The scheme covers a range of products from boilers and double glazing, to cavity wall insulation and loft lagging. But essentially, these are all aimed at reducing your annual bills.

The Green Deal is fantastic for those who want to see a different in their bills and become more environmentally friendly, but without the money put by to pay for a new boiler. Instead, the Government is offering loans to pay for the upgrades, being paid back with the money you save on your bills.

So why should you be looking to replace your heating system with the Green Deal boiler replacement scheme? A new boiler will have a fantastic impact on your home and there are a number of advantages you can make the most of, including:

  • Slashing your energy bills:

Replacing an inefficient boiler will help you save hundreds of pounds every year on energy bills. Because of this inefficiency, much of the heat created is lost in the flue and old boilers can be running at just 70%. With a new boiler you can save £300 annually on heating your home.

  • Maintaining a warmer property:

With an energy efficient boiler, heat won’t be lost and you won’t need to turn up the thermostat to keep warm either. Often when a new boiler is installed, the engineer will perform a powerflush on your whole system including radiators, improving efficiency across the board.

  • Avoiding an expensive breakdown:

Old boilers are prone to breaking down and faulting, which can lead to expensive repair work. In fact, in the heart of winter, when problems are most common, you could be paying £300 just on the call-out charge. Then you’ll have the parts and repairs on top of this bill. Replacing a boiler when you have the chance is your best bet.

  • Improving environmental friendliness:

With a new boiler comes energy efficiency. This means less fuel will be burned for heat to cater for space and hot water heating. As such, the carbon emissions created in your home will be reduced and you’ll become more environmentally friendly.

With the Green Deal boiler replacement scheme you can start saving money instantly with eco-friendly upgrades. Find out more and compare prices today to get on the road to reducing those costly bills.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • As many as 26,000,000 homes in the UK could be eligible to receive Green Deal funding.
  • Green Deal loans are paid back over a 10-25 year period with the payments taken from energy bill savings.
  • Using the Government’s Green Deal you can upgrade your boiler, improve insulation and replace windows for no upfront fee.
  • The Green Deal’s Golden Rule states that homeowners won’t pay back more than the savings they make on energy bills with improved efficiency.

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