Applying for the Green Deal scheme

The Green Deal scheme is a Government initiative in place to help support the installation of energy efficiency measures. This could be with insulation measures such as double glazing and loft lagging or with technology such as solar panels and air source heat pumps.

And there are no upfront payments needed, with the Government providing a loan for any measures put in place.

Instead, you pay back the loan with money saved on your energy bills, and with the Golden Rule you should never pay back more than you save. If you move home, the loan stays with the property, rather than moving on with you.

The Government is especially keen to upgrade UK homes where there is no insulation in place. By helping homeowners achieve energy efficiency, less money will be spent on those costly bills.

There are two ways for homeowners to apply for the Green Deal scheme funding:

  • Through a Green Deal Provider
  • By getting a Green Deal Assessment

But can tenants make use of this scheme as well, or is it only available to homeowners?

It is possible for tenants to make the most from the Green Deal scheme as well, but they need to receive permission from the landlord first. As the scheme should benefit both the landlord and tenant, it’s hoped there will be a big uptake from landlords around the UK.

And according to research from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, it’s in fact the private rental sector that has the least efficient homes in the UK. The results show that 5.8% have G-rated energy efficiency, compared to that of 3.4% for owner occupied. As such it would seem tenants and landlords have the most to gain.

Those in social housing can also benefit from the Green Deal scheme. County councils all over the UK are looking at the low interest rates and preparing to utilise the scheme.

See below for an infographic on the Green Deal:



Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • As many as 26,000,000 homes in the UK could be eligible to receive Green Deal funding.
  • Green Deal loans are paid back over a 10-25 year period with the payments taken from energy bill savings.
  • Using the Government’s Green Deal you can upgrade your boiler, improve insulation and replace windows for no upfront fee.
  • The Green Deal’s Golden Rule states that homeowners won’t pay back more than the savings they make on energy bills with improved efficiency.

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